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Beloit Poetry Journal Poems

This weekend I read through the entire new issue of Beloit Poetry Journal, and really really enjoyed it. It was the kind of poetry that primed the pump and made me sprout ideas for future poems, and I’m grateful to the editors for 1) having published some of my poems in the past and 2) making them available online, as I discovered recently.

I don’t know what year these were published, as I can’t tell from the site. Here’s the link, and here are the titles:

“Looking Only for ‘Yes” (based on trying to pick up some of the Thai language while in Thailand)
“From The New York Times” (a found poem) and
“The Pornography of Recent Times” (trying to fit bad environmental news in my head, way before bad environmental news became commonplace.)

Hope you enjoy them!


The Word “Kite”

Another one from Gospel of Galore and Beloit Poetry Journal.



In Italian, it’s cervo volante, flying red deer. In French, flying stag.

In Germany, it’s the same word as dragon. In Japan, octopus.

The Spanish cometa suggests the stars, and fengzheng, in China,

is the wind’s stringed instrument. Kite for us is a predatory bird,

from the Old English cyta, for which “no related word appears

in the cognate languages,” though we know now that kites

were once used by virgins, midwives and surviving twin sisters

to hang their laundry up to dry.

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Silence Deep as the Bone at the Bottom of the Skull

This is an old one (not the same husband, for example) but slated for the 2nd collection, in the works. Courtesy of Beloit Poetry Journal.

Look at the candlelike

light from the cabin

the shadows of light on snow

my husband inside

the smoke rising up, the warmth

the fire a little machine.

This small world

how the astronaut felt

looking at earth

the only sanctuary

for as far around

as can be traveled to tonight.