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Abloom & Awry on the Launchpad

As I head down to the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference, where poet-extroverts get to bask in their elements, I am excited to share news of Abloom & Awry, my third poetry collection, which will appear in early April.

Here’s what the one-pager says about it:

With the eye of a journalist and the heart of a caretaker, Kelley shares her love of words, fireworks, kites, sea salt caramels, metaphor, and humans. Armed with a generative impulse, her poems pay close attention to the dark, moving through it with wit and affirmation….Journalistic sparseness and accuracy are framed with childhood’s wit and curiosity to roll around in decay, music, and love.

You can order advanced copies here!

I already have two readings planned, and am looking for more. There’s this one on March 26 at the Bernardsville Public Library, where I will be interviewed by Julie Maloney of Women Reading Aloud, and on home turf, at Words Bookstore in Maplewood on April 22. Hope you can make it!

CavanKerry Press, which is publishing Abloom & Awry, has been nominated for a Small Press Publisher Award, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they win!


Fifteen Ways of Looking at a Conference


I went running beforehand, just at dawn,

heard a varied thrush, down from the mountains.

And I could’ve gone home happy then.



I wore my most fabulous garment, a coat,

even when I was indoors. Because every writer

needs a security blanket. And every other writer

needs a companion dog. But I get that.

It is hard to be with twelve thousand people

who all want the two tablespoons of fame

available in our measly genre. Very hard.



I have never heard of anybody. Or met anybody. Or read anybody.

I have never done anything with trochees.

Is it too late? I write down quotes.

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