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A New Poem in Alaska Quarterly Review

I’m grateful to the refreshing and engaging Alaska Quarterly Review for publishing one of my poems in their current issue:


There are angels for separating the soul from the body at death,
angels who invented carousels and all the new French fashions.
There’s one just for the 26th of each month, for honey, sexuality.
Aban is your guardian ten months before death, another protects

fifth children. In heaven’s meadows upon meadows, one angel
governs confusion, one does nothing at all til the second coming,
one rules warm winds. The keeper of fiery triplicities seduces
the regent of Wednesdays, and they’re all new every morning,

born through every Godbreath, created by each fresh human sin.
They knit cotton breasts for cancer survivors, telling corny jokes.
They feather insights to the bored, quietly advise on cars to buy.
One’s pregnant with death, one protects finches, but none felt like

mine, until I spotted a green sea turtle, blunt and kindly, slowly
lifting its arms in hosannas to the quicksilver surface shining down.