Glossary Translations

Here’s another one from Ekleksographia.

Glossary Translations From American Anthropology

I must name myself, and my people, choose the most important thing,

and it will become more so. I’ll describe what we shall live up to,
and what you will know us by:

What we eat — honey, liver, pinenuts, roots.
Corn, buffalo, wild rice, man.
We will be corn gatherers, hominy people,
eaters of wild onion, bean, or bread.
We will call ourselves plenty of pollock.

What we are — true people, peaceful, well—mannered.
Hair people, most human of people, brave, pregnant,
ice people, true chiefs, lechers, ones who like to laugh.
Crooked—mouth people, scabby robes, genuine, hostile,
we the good people, men altogether red, people without bows.

What we do — those who listen and see. Basking in the sun
that warms your back. Campers at the opening of the circle.
Going in wet sand. Those who turn back. Those who scatter their own.
Those who roast until puckered up. Fire keepers, owners of the cup,
people going against the current. He stands about. I clear the thicket.

What we hunt — red crawfish, elk, dried salmon, white fish,
cat, porcupine, wolf, fox. People of the great hares, cry of the crane,
lives among beavers, where the partridge drums, count—the—stars, men of men.

Or you will know us by where we live — cave people, big water people,
filthy water people, long water country. Shadow people, people of the sun,
those living at the sunrise, where water boils up, dwellers at the end,
dwellers of the spirit lake, people of the great sacred high waters,
people on top of the hills, planters by water, sifters of surf.

But who are these constant acquirers, women of fat gut, living off
variegated land, owners of cars? Who are the cigarette people,
the men of the can, people of homes lit with blue flickering light?
What to say to those who visit stores for recreation, he who lies
with stepdaughter, she who leaves her children alone. Ask who are you,
where are you, what do you eat and hunt, what do you live by?


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