When I’m Your Blood

Here’s a poem that appears on the website of my publisher, and was once set to music by Rebel Voices, two cool Seattle musicians at Rainy Camp. It appears in The Gospel of Galore (it’s under the Choir Director one.)

When I’m Your Blood
I pull you like a tide
towards times you cry from happiness.

I flatten out like a bay,
you hear distant sounds.

I carbonate your heart
and keep it grasping.

I will
intoxicate you.

I clear your head so you thrill
at the cliffs, properly amazed
that by raising your eyes
murals of grandeur in precise detail
enter your mind.

When you make love I surf, crash,
swell and sway, I mirror and populate
your eager arms.

When you can’t sleep I slow
my headlong bustling to help.

I help you praise yourself from within.
I move you nearer.

I keep myself inside you,
keep every favorite part warm and live,
and let you know with certainty
when sunset is over and it’s time
to go in by the stove.

Invite me.


One response to this post.

  1. the brevity makes it sing


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